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Why is Video Marketing a Strong Tool in Real Estate?

Real estate agents across the country are more excited about the potential of selling homes than ever before. Since the year 2012, the average budget for marketing homes has skyrocketed more than 20%. This new increase in budgeting allows agents to find new and exciting ways to set their listings apart from the masses.

One of the biggest changes in real estate is that more buyers than ever before are searching online for potential and available homes. Going online to find homes in the area buyers want to settle in is one of the first steps that many are taking. Because of this, agents are needing to find ways to make their listings stand out, to attract more buyers than ever before. The answer to this is through the use of video marketing.

Video Marketing Shows Character

When buyers view a home online, pictures are a great way to show them what the home looks like, but they still leave many lingering questions about the homes details and character. Video marketing gives buyers an opportunity to see what a home looks like from the outside in. This allows them to get a feel for what it would be like to live in the home.

Video adds a realistic touch to each home allowing it to showcase the home’s character in a way that was never possible before. Browsing through Tim Elmes Group website, it is quite evident that video plays a large part in high-luxury real estate marketing. The luxurious waterfront homes have stunning home tour videos that allow potential buyers to explore a little more before committing to a physical house tour.

The Market for Selling Homes Has Changed

Before the way buyers are buying homes is changing, it was only a matter of time before the real estate sector changed the way they sell homes. Gone are the days of driving endless hours to find the listing you saw in the newspaper. Now a days, people are busier than ever before between their families and careers that they don’t have time to waste.

Instead, they can go online to view available homes in their spare time and narrow down their choices by viewing the ones they are most interested in. Listings that have videos on their pages often times attract more than 400% more potential buyers and views than those that just include pictures.


Real estate agents have a tough job. They must market and sell a home they haven’t lived in. This can be tricky, which is why they need to utilize every potential tool at their disposal. Video marketing used to be a secrete amongst the most successful real estate agents. But now with its affordability, more agents than ever before are able to take advantage of this amazing tool.

Staging the home for potential buyers is one thing, but getting to look at the home from a realistic perspective can allow them a better way to imagine what it would be like living in that home. And this is what is going to set home listings out above the masses. The most successful listings provide a bigger picture of the home that buyers are interested in. Success comes with information.

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The 5 Common Mistakes Business Owners Make

5. Having the Wrong Intentions

If you are in business for the wrong reasons, it is likely your business will not last. Often times, first-time business owners are only in it for the “money”. What they fail to realize is that they may not make a dollar in the first five years. This lack of profit will turn them off and force them back into the secure jobs of punching numbers they once had. Know your business and believe in it. There should be passion alongside with finance.

4. Forgetting About the Bank Balance

It is easy to spend money when there is money constantly coming in. First timers often forget to budget and keep a watchful eye on their account. Remember, unexpected events are likely to occur and you always want to be prepared to cover those expenses when they wind up on your front porch. How can you sell coffee if the machine broke down and you have no money to replace it?

3. Stretching Your Business Too Thin

New ideas are great! They are what encouraged you to start a business in the first place. However, sometimes we need to quiet those ideas and stick with just one. There are always many avenues for a business to drive down, but the best thing to do is focus on one, do it well and when it has been perfected, then consider trying something in addition.

2. Not Engaging with Customers

Customer service doesn’t stop after they make a purchase; you want to know what they truly think of your product or service. Often, first timers are too scared to collect reviews and testimonials because the truth will come out. Don’t let this scare you! Customers can be too shy to complain, but you need to know what you are doing wrong so that you can end up doing it right. Encouraging people to review your business will help you solve the problem of why you aren’t getting repeat customers.

1. Hiring the Wrong Employees

First timers have a tendency to hire family and friends. They trust these people and want to help them out with a job opportunity. More often than not, these employees don’t meet the required skill set and your business can falter as a result. Focus on hiring people that are right for the job, not just people you like.

The key is to hire slowly and fire quickly, as told here. By this we mean  that you should take your time when hiring someone. Once you’ve hired them, and see that they’re not  a great fit, fire them.  It will save you time and resources, and hopefully allow you to find the person who perfectly fits the job.